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Our Products:


Come visit our beautiful showroom where you might find that little something that is missing from your setup or that next new bow. We invite all of our customers to handle and test-fire all of the new bows and equipment.


Our Range is one of the best and brightest in the region.  The lanes are spacious, the bulbs are high resolution, and the matts are quick to stop arrows and still easy to pull.  During the winter months, come join us in one of our four different leagues, both animal and dots leagues are available.  If leagues are not for you, we have open range any time the shop is open.  Once the weather warms up, you can sight in on our 50 yard outdoor range.  Practice on our 90 meter FITA range for the Eastern FITA Tournament held at the shop every June. Not enough shooting yet? try your skills on our two 20 target 3D ranges; open 7 days a week.  Join our 3D league in June and enjoy a complimentary banquet.